I’ve Been Waiting For You To Cum Inside My Mouth

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Samanta’s turtleneck sweater

Samanta's turtleneck sweater

Thumbs up for Samanta Lily as she wears my favourite clothing item: a tight turtleneck sweater. Initially I was a little bit disappointed that she wore a bra but that bra magically disappears in the middle of the shoot and the sweater becomes ike I prefer it… braless 😛 Samanta Lily in a turtleneck sweater.

Helen Star does the laundry

Helen Star does the laundryHere we have Helen Star doing the laundry and since she has some time to kill while the machine is spinning, she decides to entertain us.  And her sister Erin now is active at Divine Breasts aswell.

Цветочная легкость


Model of the day: Micky Bells

Model of the day: Micky BellsMicky Bells is a top heavy woman from Romania (born 1987). She made her debut in 2006 at Divine Breasts. Throughout the years we have seen her her body and big boobs change quite a bit. She went from slender to chubby to slender again and got pregnant (and continued modelling) after that.

Sexy secretary Emma Rachael

Sexy secretary Emma RachaelAs you all know I prefer natural over glamour, however I am a sucker for the sexy secretary type. So needless to tell you I really dig this shoot of Emma Rachael. This British babe looks so sexy and classy in her tight office clothes. And the striptease that follows is the icing on the cake 😛

Casey ‘Bride in Black’

Casey 'Bride in Black'Here’s a really good, new and long clip of Casey Deluxe. Out in nature she wears a gothic style kind of dress, ‘The Black Bride’ is title of the movie translated. There’s not just cosplay going on, Casey also releases her wonderful set of saggy big boobs.