Introducing MzStellaCurves (Emphasis on the Curves)

In her time, MzStellaCurves had her own corner of the Tumblrnet (yup just made that up). Sadly, before anybody thought she would go, she disappeared. Her domains swapped places a couple of times, and then she up and deleted all the content across multiple sites, which I think eventually broke any trace of her. A thicky thicky thick girl with an absolutely heavy pair of natural tits, this amateur honey had prospects, but chose a different path. If anyone out there has a repository of her work, help a boob-brother out would ya?

she’s looking quite good up close too:

setsailandhideyourhandywork:Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks

come-to-bed:Good morning! :)


Good morning! 🙂

Friday Finds: They Call Her ‘Big Red’

A truly tit-tastic amateur, this could very well be a one-off shot intended for some male on the receiving end of a picture message. Or, it might be the moment she launched her web-career, when those two big baps of hers bust out of her bra for all to adore. If you know more about this ginger honey, leave a comment below.