Sofía de MYHYV y Gran Hermano 16 en tetas (desnuda)

La entrada Sofía de MYHYV y Gran Hermano 16 en tetas (desnuda) aparece primero en Worldofap.

MARLENE MORREAU – Mujer en minifalda y sin bragas

Mujer en minifalda y sin bragas

La entrada MARLENE MORREAU – Mujer en minifalda y sin bragas aparece primero en Worldofap.

Un-retired Samantha Sanders

Un-retired Samantha SandersWhen you’re a long time booblover the chances are that your remember British blonde Samantha Sanders (born 1969). She stopped moddeling a while ago but recently un-retired. Here at Busty Britain this sensual ‘n maturals give us a good frontal look at her huge tits. Her actual comeback already took place in November last year at XL-Girls, not only showing her body but also doing hardcore.

Interview with P-cup boober Fuko (@fuko0210) by Atomic Cheesecake (@ACP3D)

P-chan is a Japanese model known for her very large boobs.

You don’t say!

“Multi-dimensional image” studio Atomic Cheesecake – whom you might remember produced this amazing video with London Andrews that I blogged back in 2013 – recently published a wonderful interview with Japanese gravure idol Fuko, or P-chan, depending on which name you’re following (she’s still Fuko in my archives…). What a cutie – I could totally dig on this girl for a long, long time 😉 She opens up a bit about herself in the video, which is always nice to see the candid side of models, and best of all you can expect more from Atomic Cheesecake with P-chan in the future!


LG Kathy is the Cantonese Hitomi Tanaka

As if I didn’t already understand Japanese ‘Engrish’ translations, I understand even less of Cantonese/Mandarin titles and word-smithery. But it’s clear go141 escort Kathy and her “young buddies” are the future of boobdom in Hong Kong. I mean these are some natural whoppers! And being Chinese means she’s basically thin-as-a-stick, so she measures up at – get ready for this – 40G-24-34.5! Yeah, like, 35″ hips would just be too excessive, so she doesn’t bother rounding up. And it shows, especially in that 3/4 shot from behind – WOW! And just in case you don’t believe still images, there’s some moving image of her also provided – warning: the audio is odd and the camerawork is stupid, but those dangly tits, those natural knockers, I mean, I just want to fiddle with them for hours! While she performs “veggie massage” on me (WTF?!?).

LGKathy_4db517 LGKathy_fafb13 LGKathy_fed8be
LGKathy_8cf6b5 LGKathy_78ccd3 LGKathy_aba0b4

And now for your droopers-viewing pleasure:

(if the embed doesn’t play, you can view the movie at this link)

Global Average Bra Cup Size Map

Someone was kind enough to compile the following map of global averages of bra cup sizes – industry analysts for bra companies rejoice! The map plots basic data according to numeric values 1-5, with 5 being the biGGest. I wouldn’t have thought Russia to dominate the charts, but so be it – Здравствуй буфера! Unsurprisingly, Africa and Asia are mostly small, with Colombia and Venezuela being the rare Latin American exceptions for D-cup boobers (if you’ve ever traveled to Colombia you know how much ladies there love their implants!). Otherwise all the national averages are north of the Tropic of Cancer, which is a strange coincidence – or is it?!? 😉

Asian Giant Milkyboobs

Given where we were just 5 or so years ago – let alone 10 or 20 – with the state of boobs in Japan, it’s crazy to think how much their busts have exploded! What previously required giant implants for any Asian boober to get noticed are now homegrown and natural – and they’re ooooozing milk! As exemplified by these two off-site hosted videos showing Asian Giants at their best (and biggest)! I mean, WOW! What are they eating and drinking to inflate their tits in such a short timespan? Feed ’em more of whatever it is!


curvyredheadsexy:What you miss on snapchat..shame on…


What you miss on snapchat..shame on you!

Twitter + C4S + #LIVE + ELM + MV

Leena May de colegiala en un video porno casero

Leena May de colegiala en un video porno casero