after a few years dormant, Mia @Zarring is uploading to YouTube again

She created a channel, uploaded a video or two, then disappeared from the YouTube-osphere nearly 4 years ago. Recently, Moscow-based Crimean (Russia stole her!) model Mia Zarring began uploading videos to her channel again. Most are feature episodes where she might only make a cameo or do introductory segments in, but she’s active again which is interesting. Any segment-length video of 34K tits is fine by me! In reverse-recent order:

High-Res Video of the ‘Oktoberfest Dirndl’ Big Titty MILF

For several years this video and similar low-resolution versions of it have been floating around on the boobnet:

The video was always juicy but is low-res. Fast-forward a few years and someone has uploaded a high-res version of the same video showing this absolutely stacked dirndl MILF:

I mean these titbags are absolute cliffhangers:


What’s wild is how she’s just casually walking along when the video begins – it’s as if she doesn’t even know where she’s headed, or have any plan. Suddenly she gets stopped, “Hey – nice tits!” and then she gets swarmed and swamped by people wanting selfies – boobfies? – with her dirndl-tastic juggs. … Hilarious!

Friday Finds: looking for more of this Key West ‘Fantasy Fest’ Babe

Spotted in some Fantasy Fest videos were two stills of this amazing babe. She’s got a big pair of natural tits and a great smile – her curves accentuating the bodypaint being put on her in real-time. Hard to see but she’s wearing a pair of underwear with ‘Fantasy Fest 2009’ written on them, but the stills were uploaded in 2014 – I haven’t been able to find any additional images of her over the years. If anyone knows more about her – or her tits! – leave a comment below.