Neda Marie of Zishy

Neda Marie of ZishyThe Class of 2018 gets a new member and I was surprised to notice it’s first busty newcomer of Zishy this year. The girl I am talking about is the good looking ebony model Neda Marie who recently spent a day with Zishy in Las Vegas. You what’s a shame? That we never got more of Raven Malone.


Sofya91Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of seeing Sofya91 Live but those previews of her tasty tits in her profile look very promising, so”ill sure keep an eye out for her.

“I am m a vibrant sweet girl who loves to have hard sex… come to enjoy me :)”.

She’s bodypainted again

She's bodypainted againA few year ago I showed you a clip of this fantastic Latina getting bodypainted in public. It turns out she did that on more ocassions.  Here her premium pair is getting painted red and here blue together with a few fellow models.

Vanessa is ready for Oktoberfest

Vanessa is ready for OktoberfestThe Oktoberfests  are about to start in Bavaria, Germany and our good friend Vanessa (eventhough she’s from Poland) looks all ready for it. If you feel like having a beer together (and maybe a little more) Vanessa, just say the word and I am on my way 🙂 And maybe we should invite Anabelle Rogers aswell!

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Sweet Russian Kecy Hill

Sweet Russian Kecy HillI just found about a very sweet looking newcomer from Russia named Kecy Hill. A very kind girl too cause in this scene she helps an older neighbour any way she can. I love the part where this young brunette rides on top of him and we see her tasty big breasts jiggle.

Camilla C. and her contractor

Camilla C. and her contractorBusty British housewife Camilla C. has a dispute with her contractor. When the negotiations are getting stuck, she tries a different approach and a very effective one. The guy now probably does all the work for free 🙂 A really hot scene of this wonderful natural woman.