Sara Lime Interview


This interview with Sara was originally published in Champ Magazine, which has all the signs of going offline and disappearing. So I took it upon myself to archive the material and republish it here for your enjoyment. Sara has always been something of an enigma to me, and this interview from just a few years ago sheds some light on some questions about her I had. Sadly, all her websites and traces online have slowly started to vanish. Click here to see more of Sara from when I introduced her here on HiBoobs.

The Boy Hollywood

CHAMP: What’s goodie Sara? What are you up to the current moment?

Sara Lime: I got the Goodie Goodie! Ha! Everything is blessed and on the up over here, I’m currently grinding away from Los Angeles to New York, coast to coast, living this life, experiencing the journey.

CHAMP: Your name Sara Lime. Where does the Lime part come from?

Sara Lime: Sara Lime became a nickname because of my obsession with the fruit. I love the taste of limes so much that it has become a compulsive disorder for me lol.I always have a lime on me, always snacking on one, I’m totally diggin’ the Lime lol

CHAMP: Now you made the most beautiful woman list on Yahoo. How was that whole experience and what was your reaction when you were picked?

Sara Lime: You know, every time I see myself in a magazine or talked about on some website, good or bad, I just trip out that that person is me. Making Yahoos, Most Beautiful Woman is something I am very happy about. That’s me!

CHAMP: Now looking at you, many mixtures and nationalities come to mind. What is your background?

Sara Lime: Tell me about it, I always get approached with the “Ehi la bella ragazza, che e il suo nome?”…everything automatically pins me for Italian but I am Iranian. I was born in Iran and moved to Spain when I was 9 months old. So there you have it, in the textbooks, I am from Iran. Persian girl.

CHAMP: You hail from Southern California. Now let’s just say you become my best buddy after this interview and I wanna come out and hang out with you where are some of the hot places you’d take me to impress me?

Sara Lime: Impressing you would start naturally when I pick you up at the airport.Id have to take you to where the locals go, not the newcomers. We would hit up Tito’s Tacos ASAP; you’ll appreciate why people wait in those long lines after a bite into those deep fried tacos! After we got our munch down I’d have to take you around sight seeing so we could get that out of our system lol. The evening would start off with cocktails at one of the grand hotels Los Angeles has to offer and then we would just take it from there and play it by ear. I like just partially planning my evenings and letting spontaneity do the rest.

CHAMP: I’m booking my ticket tomorrow! Now Persian girls are known to have the most beautiful women in the world. Who are some Persian girls that you find really attractive?

Sara Lime: Oh it really is so hard to name names. In my opinion, Persian girls bring something unique and exotic to the game. Girls from Iran that I absolutely LOVE to look at are Ameneh, my sister because she is just one of a kind, all around. Claudia Lynx is another beauty that blows everyone away with one glance; Sara Shahi is sexy and sweet, got to meet her when I worked on a show her boyfriend at the time created. I know I am leaving out a bunch of gorgeous desert roses, sorry, they are all beautiful to me.

CHAMP: Any notable commercials or ads people may recognize you from?

Sara Lime: I have worked with AB (Anheuser Busch) for many years as one of their live promotional models in such events as Celebrity Golf Tournaments/ AVP Championships/ and Corporate Drink Introductions, as well as local venues throughout the beach city territories.

CHAMP: When did you decide that you wanted to do the whole modeling thing?

Sara Lime: Ha-Ha I never decided. I love reading those corny stories of “The acting and modeling bug bit me when…” That’s not how it happened in my life. My story is random, spontaneous, and out of left field. I was approached while I was leaving a restaurant by the owner of SportsbyBrooks. I took his card and called him a week later, one modeling gig turned into 3 or 4 and connections were made and it just branched out from there. Modeling has always been fun for me and good to me. I never put too much pressure on myself to be 80 pounds and look like a coat hanger. I know there are real people out there that like a real woman with some curves to her catalogue lol How ’bout that?!

CHAMP: Heeeeeey maaan! Now you definitely got brains to go along with your beauty. You’re in school. What are you studying?

Sara Lime: My favorite quote comes from my friend and talented recording artist Optimus, “Study where your knowledge is and not where your college is.” I study so many different things that I don’t know how to narrow my focus. In school I study Language, out of school I study music, cultures, spirituality, people, and I try to expand myself as much as I can. I love to learn; love to meet people that introduce something to me that I know little or nothing about.

CHAMP: Now you also have an impressive talent. Why don’t you let the people know?

Sara Lime: I have many talents my dear! Lets see here, well…people don’t know that I speak multiple languages and that I am apart of the Deaf community, I sign American Sign Language and attend events as well as participate in “Silent Weekends” , I have been self taught, like an encyclopedia, on serial killers and their psychological turning point that made them who they are known for. Let’s see… Oh! I have an incredible talent to be able to age anyone 40 years, in an hours time! I’m a make up artist with lots of special effects tricks up my sleeve!

CHAMP: How hard was it to learn more than one language and is it possible you can give me some one-on-one lessons lol?

Sara Lime: Learning multiple languages teaches us about culture, which in turn teaches us about humanity. I have a passion for communication, I don’t like barriers. For me, learning another language isn’t hard because I get involved in whatever community speaks the language I’m trying to learn. When I want to strengthen my Spanish, I have my South American friends speak to me solely in their native tongue and we attend family gatherings where Spanish is the main language spoken. English is a given, Farsi is a unique language that I speak with my family and friends (some of those friends being American) so we can learn together or just carry our tradition on. ASL becomes more adaptive when I gather with my deaf friends or attend the Deaf Theatre. I have a habit of speaking a sentence in Farsi,English,Spanish while signing at the same time…lol you’d be surprised how many people around me know multiple sayings in different languages because of me!

CHAMP: For all the fellas who are crushing on you right now, what is your status?

Sara Lime: Now I’m no one to ruin anyones fantasy, that would just spoil the possibility.

CHAMP: What are the qualities you look for in a guy?

Sara Lime: Honestly, Heart, Determination, Strength, Loyalty, Wisdom, and Spontaneity

CHAMP: What are the top three things that would turn you on?

Sara Lime: Let’s keep it real here, a pretty face always has my attention; I also really like a guy that holds back his attraction for me. I don’t mean to straight up ignore me but rather be the type of guy that doesn’t come out and say it. Like Clark Kent in Smallville towards Louise. You know they like each other but they seem to fight it. hahaha, okay I just blew my cover didn’t I? Yeah, I’m a total geek.

CHAMP: Turn offs?

Sara Lime: I am really turned off by guys that have zero social skills. Men that get involved in female discussions or arguments or business. I never understood who could find a guy attractive if the guy really isn’t the one wearing the pants in the relationship. Timid men, men that do anything their women say. Those type of men are for sheep herders not for todays league of women.

CHAMP: Now with pics (especially model pics) they often seemed to get enhanced and kinda exaggerate certain assets on pics. What are your thoughts and views on enhanced pics?

Sara Lime: In this industry one thing or another is enhanced, reduced, retouched, or whatever have you. In my opinion, if the subject itself is intriguing to look at, then enjoy it for what it is, enhanced, digitalized, or exaggerated, it’s all art from many different perspectives.

CHAMP: When are you gonna come up to Toronto,Canada?

Sara Lime: Toronto in the house!!! I have family friends in Canada that I believe I should be visiting soon… So now I can see how you would impress me in Toronto! (lol, my my how the tables turned!)

CHAMP: What else are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in 09?

Sara Lime: Expect the unexpected when it comes to Sara Lime! You can always follow my whereabouts on my blog and my website.

CHAMP: Plan on making the list again for 09?

SaraLime: Yuppers!


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Introducing Jessica Divine

A totally random interweb boober, this might be all that you ever see of Jessica Divine. But I thought it enough to “introduce” her, because it made me think of all the boobers and titters and breastacular ladies I’ve fondled, fucked, and forgot about over the years. Sometimes the most lusty and lustful ladies are the ones who are in your neighborhood, your town, your friends of friends, and don’t you forget that. Sometimes all they’re looking for is a little prick – well it ain’t so little actually – and a memory to remember. It’s just a shame, I only just now thought of… her, again.

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Friday Finds: Two. Big. Twos.

I can’t call these giant ginormously bulging big boobs “two big ones” because they encompass so much volume and weight and gravitational pull that they must be quantified using a new system of measurement. Thus: two big twos. They’re HUGE! A randomly stumbled pair of ta-ta-tas, if you recognize those big bewbs please leave a comment below.

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Lake Bell cover wow!


Model-actress Lake Bell graces the cover of this week’s New York Magazine and it can be summed up in two words: sticky pages!!


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Cyn Santana’s sinner skin

Since “introducing” her late last month I’ve stumbled upon still more photos – this time from Showgirlz Exclusive – of the beautifully generic and generically beautiful Cyn Santana. Fuck whatever her real name is, with an ass like that. I’ll “cyn” all over her body, no problem! I’ll cyn her in the morning while the dew is still evaporating. I’ll cyn her at night to the sound of the ocean wives slamming against the dunes – while I slam-n-cyn inside her. I’ll cyn her with my prick and my mouth and fingers equally – she’ll be so exhausted from cyning she’ll nearly pass out, and then beg for more. What a cyner!


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Fantastical Facial Finish with Tessa Lane

It’s not all about the finish, so much as the journey of how we got there. But that’s just not fucking true! When you cross that finish line there’s a sigh – ok not a sigh so much as an exxxhilirating “Fuuuuuuck yeahhhhh!” – and the knowledge that you just worked really really hard to achieve… success! I mean, really hard: you fucked her in about as many positions as you could think of given the furniture options. And in the end you just wanted to give her her just reward: a face full of cum. Tessa Lane is a great team player, and her scene for Naughty America excites all the best thoughts in my pervy mind!

naughty banner

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Anissa Kate: exotismo salvaje con un buen par

Anissa Kate

Francesa, pero indudablemente de padre y madre argelinos. Eso queda de manifiesto en cuanto posas tu mirada en la de Anissa Kate, que calculamos será después de haber escudriñado con el debido deleite sus precioso cuerpo, con curvas no excesivas, pero si muy atrapantes. Felina y de aspecto ágil, todos hemos podido comprobar alguna vez lo ducha que es en el arte de follar, con mención especial al sexo anal, la doble penetración (que practicó cuando aún apenas estaba aterrizando en el porno, lo cual es de agradecer), la garganta profunda (la chica siempre se comporta en el apartado de las mamadas) e incluso el BDSM y el rollo dominatrix. Seguro que después de ver las fotos de Anissa Kate, te apetece ver algún video de todo este catálogo de cerderías finas de la francesita.

Anissa Kate

fotos Anissa Kate

galería Anissa Kate

fotos gratis Anissa Kate

francesas tetonas










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The Boobography of Adam Chilson

You might recognize the image or the style of the image above as I did, and have for years as I have, and never knew who the photographer was. Mystery solved! Meet photographer Adam Chilson and his booberific style. Plenty more images of all body types on his deviantart, but he clearly has plenty of big-stacked friends to call upon to complete the shot when needed.

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To be young, stacked, and hairy as hell (not on the tits thankfully!)

Told you so! But nooooooo you just had to look didn’t you, you couldn’t believe me could you. No problem, because frankly I’m a freak too and I love diving head-first into a hairy bush. Especially when the girl is a generic looking next-door type with a pendulous pair of Double-Ds. All the more merrier I get. Which is why I love the stock of sluts that We Are Hairy have on offer – and yes, they are! Let me guess, you don’t believe me do you? Ohh okay, go on… see for yourself!

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These Weeks in Really Big Boobville

Bethany is a new FTV golden girl with a hard-cut body and tits to boot - woot!Bethany is a new FTV golden girl with a hard-cut body and tits to boot – woot!

Another few weeks another great many big boobs to lust over – they’re huge these days! Even the perky torpedo tits are a mouthful, and the big actually big big boulder-sized boobs are so big they’re always casting a shadow (that photo below of Leanne Crow is amazing!). Now go buy a whole bottle of fap-lotion and enjoy:

Micha is flexible with two big floppy funbagsMicha is flexible with two big floppy funbags

oh. fucking. my!oh. fucking. my!

her first time on film!her first time on film!

damn I <3 a hairy boober!!!

damn I

spank 'er fuck 'er!

spank ‘er fuck ‘er!

now THAT'S an OH-FACE!

now THAT’S an OH-FACE!

looks just like my secretary

looks just like my secretary

where do I dive in?

where do I dive in?

even disguised by camo I can tell you in complete faith that she has HUGE TITS!

even disguised by camo I can tell you in complete faith that she has HUGE TITS!

Dear Boner God, thank you.

Dear Boner God, thank you.

Merilyn's ginormously ginormous boobs!

Merilyn’s ginormously ginormous boobs!

Samantha is back, again!

Samantha is back, again!

wishing she was my Ex-GF

wishing she was my Ex-GF

nice .... hat.

nice …. hat.

so, so fuckable!

so, so fuckable!

see her super drooper archives at Vintage Cuties

see her super drooper archives at Vintage Cuties

meanwhile, in suburban... Wales? Tits!

meanwhile, in suburban… Wales? Tits!

takes a boober to teach a boober the proper dick tug techniques - watch Amber Lynn do her thing!

takes a boober to teach a boober the proper dick tug techniques – watch Amber Lynn do her thing!

classic Verkaik boobtastic pose!

classic Verkaik boobtastic pose!

MILF Ciara and her tit-tug technique

MILF Ciara and her tit-tug technique

Marta's Ds in 3D-tittyvision

Marta’s Ds in 3D-tittyvision

remembering big-jugged MILF Penny

remembering big-jugged MILF Penny

8 minute trailers are the new fuck-black - watch the trailer to see Ava get seriously split open

8 minute trailers are the new fuck-black – watch the trailer to see Ava get seriously split open!

I hope she likes dick, cock, prick - haaaaard!

I hope she likes dick, cock, prick – haaaaard!

I'm going in!!

I’m going in!!

Sofi and her two thin-n-stacked tits

Sofi and her two thin-n-stacked tits

hottest boober of the fuck-minute, fuck-day, fuck-month

hottest boober of the fuck-minute, fuck-day, fuck-month

the ginormously jugged Leanne Crow - from England to LA these tits are all WOW!

the ginormously jugged Leanne Crow – from England to LA these tits are all WOW!


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