some rare London Andrews pics

Stumbled upon these pretty rare shots of London Andrews by Virginia-based photographer ‘Fantasy Fun‘ – I wish there were more shots from these series to be seen:

This is a flashback from only my second photo shoot ever back in February of 2011. This was with the wonderful London…

Posted by FantasyPhotoFun on Saturday, January 25, 2014


NatiusX: Where is She Now?

Where is she? Where are they now? 😉 I mean with a chest tattoo like that you’d think she’d be spotted from a mile away! Was that even her real handle? Post what you know in the comments!

the many HOT looks of Flaming Goddess

I recently stumbled upon Flaming Goddess, a super-duper cute cosplayer with two big assets up top and a penchant for showing ’em off in her costumes (if you got it, flaunt it!). Her costumes are sometimes really simple, but also really witty – smart, self-aware, and very successful. She’s also a genuine artist, judging by this interview she once gave – I love reading the thoughts direct from models who otherwise we only see, visually. I really appreciate hearing (reading) their thoughts.

This was the costume that tipped me off to her. Obv I was all like “whoah slim-n-stacked I gotta know more!” and had no idea it would introduce me to her otherwise brilliant costumery and character appearances. This, her ‘Nami (Time Skip)‘ costume, is one of her favorite crowd-pleasers (I have two ideas why!):

Here are some various other looks she’s taken up over the years:

And one of her more recent looks – she’s gotten bigger in all the departments 😉

It’s not just her costumes. It’s her. She’s soooooo cute, very gorgeous, an artist and singer, an actress, and on the rise in my book – really looking forward to seeing more of her work:

#FridayFinds: the great big unknown partystage hog-titter

Spotted this completely random party boober. She’s on some stage for some event – they’re clearly rapping or emceeing, there was some sign for ‘6 feet’ something something so maybe a rap label or something? Not sure. Looks like some ‘contest’ of sorts but I have no further context. I wish I knew more about her.

Here is her profile and from behind (note the tattoos – do you recognize them 😉 ?):

Here are just a few more pics – if you have knowledge of her whereabouts (or how much she charges to ride hands-free) leave a comment below and thanks in advance!

some random busty renfair wenches

MDRF 07 Sat week 9 015

safe keeping

MDRF 07 Sat week 9 052

MDRF 07 Sat Week5 054


MDRF 07 Sat Week5 038

MDRF 07 Sat week 9 054

MDRF 07 Sat week 9 049

MDRF 07 Sat Week5 049

MDRF 07 Sat Week5 036

#md #renfest

MDRF 07 Sun Week5 025

Seek to 0:14 to see this biggun boober – I absolutely cannot figure out what is going on in this tent otherwise, but she’s got my attention that’s for sure!!

Last up is this conversational video where the guy just zooms in to her cleavage while talking loL!!

‘Advent Calendar’ of Georgina Gee

Through December 13th photographer The_Krunckus was sharing a pic a day of Georgina Gee and her 36L ginormo-knockers getting all lathered up. It looks like Krunck had some hard drive failure issues but might have been recently recovered – so the daily pics stopped but here’s what was already shared and I hope the ‘advent calendar’ series continues and completes:

And here are some bonus tweet-pics of Georgina by The_Krunckus:

Simply incredible.

after a few years dormant, Mia @Zarring is uploading to YouTube again

She created a channel, uploaded a video or two, then disappeared from the YouTube-osphere nearly 4 years ago. Recently, Moscow-based Crimean (Russia stole her!) model Mia Zarring began uploading videos to her channel again. Most are feature episodes where she might only make a cameo or do introductory segments in, but she’s active again which is interesting. Any segment-length video of 34K tits is fine by me! In reverse-recent order: