Face-cockstuffing Good Times with @SiriPornStar

siri face-cockstuffing

Thankfully these aren’t strictly “pornstar” moves, but @SiriPornStar shows her hi-class oral maneuvers recently for DDF Busty, swallowing this cock whole and frankly I think she likes it! Roll your mouse over the image above to see her swallow it whole. I got a friend of mine who loves to deep throat me. It’s not everyone’s game, I get it, but it is hers, and man I like it because she likes it so much! She could learn a thing or two from Siri here though, like cupping her tits from underneath so as to squeeze them together nicely. That’s where those “pornstar” skills come into good use. Some things are for the camera, sure, but some things are just nice to see a girl do! Especially when they’re 40HH and alllll natural!



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