Gimmie a Taste of Samantha Mack’s Canadian Bacon

Canadian boober Samantha Mack recently played the part of pizza delivery girl for Burning Angel and this scene has me wanting to taste her Canadian bacon! Tropes aside, I have a friend, we’ll call her JoJo. She’s not from Canada but Minnesota so all things considered she’s from the fucking tundra. She’s not only got a jovial & playful personality like Samantha Mack but similar frame and juggs for tits. I mean she has TITS! They’re not even the biggest I’ve ever played with, but they’re dense and heavy. She comes round every few months when our schedules line up and we can fuck a few times without worry for work the next day – we’ve done all types of role-playing from larp cosplay to food fucking. We’ve never done the pizza theme, but I do imagine we’ll give that a go now – Samantha Mack inspires me! 🙂 Funny too, is JoJo typically gets fucked doggy and finished with me on top, but she has a similar ‘pull out’ to Samantha Mack when she lays on her side and my thrusting gets to be too much – watch the trailer to see what I’m talking about! – it’s as if there’s a body-type big-tit oh-oh-fuck-gene that they both share! God just thinking of JoJo’s tits have given me an erection! I need to call her up soon.

Owen Gray was on business in Canada and he worked up quite an appetite. As a lover of bacon, he ordered extra as a topping! Much to his delight, curvy delivery girl Samantha Mack brought him the tasty treat – but it turns out that Canadian bacon is basically ham – an abomination on pizza! Being notoriously polite, Samantha made it up to him by welcoming him to her country properly: with a nice cock sucking and fucking right on his desk! After helping himself to her personal stash of lady bacon, and she to his big sausage, they moved their party to the floor and the pounding continued until everyone’s cravings were satisfied!