The cheerleader I always wanted to, and would eventually fuck, in my schoolboy days. That’s who Danielle FTV reminds me of in her latest role. She was maybe 5’3″, 5’2 1/2″ even. Small, textbook definition of petite. And she had these gargantuan double-Ds, which on a frame that small only seemed all the more bountiful. She always wore these tight shirts, but she never showed any cleavage. All her tops went to her neck, and she buttoned them when she could. Months before we fucked I even asked her why that was the case – from then on she knew I wanted to fuck and fondle those funbags of hers. She wasn’t a tease but she didn’t give me what I wanted right away. Like I say it was months later, and we spent a week together, fucking like rabbits before the end of the world. And the first time I got a glance at those boobies, she wasn’t wearing a bra; she lifted her shirt up and those tits of hers dropped like a bomb, slapping against her stomach – *PLOP*! Oh my! I probably lost a pound in body weight that week, cumming as much as I did loL!!


watch the trailer here


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