Interview with P-cup boober Fuko (@fuko0210) by Atomic Cheesecake (@ACP3D)

P-chan is a Japanese model known for her very large boobs.

You don’t say!

“Multi-dimensional image” studio Atomic Cheesecake – whom you might remember produced this amazing video with London Andrews that I blogged back in 2013 – recently published a wonderful interview with Japanese gravure idol Fuko, or P-chan, depending on which name you’re following (she’s still Fuko in my archives…). What a cutie – I could totally dig on this girl for a long, long time 😉 She opens up a bit about herself in the video, which is always nice to see the candid side of models, and best of all you can expect more from Atomic Cheesecake with P-chan in the future!


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