Introducing Arabelle Raphael

And now for someone completely unique, completely different than the usual stock. There are thick bodies, and then there are WOW bodies like Arabelle Raphael’s. This 5’4″ 114 lb. honey has a plump rump and two amazing 34-Double-D natural breasts. Again, 114 lbs, and two big whoppers – so that should give you an idea of her body frame and build. And as for that bosom: they’re as free to hang on her body as she is a spirit in the world. She lives in the modern day the way one should: she loves her Instagram, keeps a great Tumblr, she loves her friends, she fucks her friends, and when the job calls for it she actually makes a damn scary zombie-slut! Watch out! And all topped off with some really prominent facial features that make her a beautiful throwback retro-looking babe, and also incredibly contemporaneous and punk rock even. She is incredible.

You’ll also find her at Burning Angel, Crazybabe, and other alterna-tit sites.


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