Introducing Gaby Wolscham

Paraguayan mamacita was catapulted to my prominence when during the cheerful rally for her nation’s team, oops, that big fake-firm nipple slipped out and with the speed of cameras these days there was no hiding it. She had already been featured in magazines and other spreads, but it was the nip that brought her to my attention:

The picture below shows what she would look like as an anygirl, Anywhere, and boy would I like to fuck the bajeebus out of her – while she wears that dress! Talk about sex-on-legs. And the final image below shows what she really specializes at, that over-the-shoulder, usually her left shoulder, seductive look, with her firm titties dangling there waiting for the grab. With an ass like that she is of course self-obsessed and even takes photos of her own self to post on Twitter, and there are a couple Facebook pages for her here and here.


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