It’s incredible how a single image will send you down a rabbit hole, on the hunt for unique boobers. I wasn’t even searching for anything tit-specific, when I stumbled upon this candid shot of ‘the Queen of Mambo’ Juliana Oneal:


Like, WHOAH!

Even as a tiny thumbnail – that appeared in results for a completely different topic – my eyeballs instantly oggled directly to that bosom, those proportions. And that smile. What a stunner. I once knew a Dominicana very similar, like one of my own fuck-buddy Ginger sisters. But this girl was different – not least of which because I had never seen her before.

Which is shocking, because for someone with 185K+ Twitter followers and 197K Insta followers, that means you have been hiding her from me! But I found her. And I am here to introduce her to anyone else who doesn’t know her – and on top of it all, her music is quite quite good.

Julianna oneal por edgar nuñez (6)
Julianna oneal por edgar nuñez (5)Julianna oneal por edgar nuñez (3)Julianna oneal por edgar nuñez (4)

Absolutely stunning. And to return to origin, even in business casual she’s an absolute looker:


And I thought I knew my international musicians – clearly not, this video was a first for me:

And this one too:

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  1. Gerardo dice:

    Estan hermosas

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