I have to say…every time I start thinking about the fact that maybe I have exhausted the tumblr world with my ramblings…my words of encouragement and sharing my sexuality I end up being put in check with some amazing messages in my inbox and email…I teared up then cried with different messages that told me how I have helped some through hard times in their lives…helped a few accept themselves and become more confident with their body which opened the door for them to find love…helped a couple renew their love and sexual dedication and exploration with one another…helped another through showing them that attitude and perception makes all difference in life…helped another woman see that surgery wasn’t the answer to happiness but accepting herself and focusing on getting healthy was…I’ve never been so humbled and completely overwhelmed with happy emotions…I am sharing all this to say that my blog isn’t about saying look at me…I think I am pretty…the message I am trying to share is…look at me…I have dealt with abuse…been around those who did drugs and drinking and felt the impacts it can have on me and I have seen what it can do to those I love around me…I’ve touched poverty…have weight issues (a few years back I was over 200lbs)…I have ongoing health issues…I know how it is to be self conscious and have insecurities…not feeling accepted and being all alone…I have learned you can use all that you go through as an excuse to hold you back or you can fight and use it as a jumping point to propel yourself forward…learning from your mistakes and those of others to become the best person you can be…I learned that a smile can make a difference in your attitude and those around you…I’ve learned that sex is a big and wonderful part of marriage and life…the act of sex and the naked body is a beautiful thing no matter what shape or form it comes in…variety just means there is something for everyone…the fact that sex is made out to be such a negative or hush hush thing with responsible adults and couples just confuses people…makes it harder for people to gauge what is normal and natural…I for one have learned a lot sexually through tumblr and it has only strengthened my marriage…I want to encourage men and woman to accept themselves and explore their sexuality…get creative…it is why I do cut-up Tuesday and wet Wednesday…there are no set rules to what makes something sexy or not…it is all about how you feel and how you are perceived…I am not going to follow what a magazine say is hot just because they say it can make or break my marriage…I may take some pointers and tips but in the end I am gonna do what makes me feel sexy and what turns on my partner regardless of what I read…I just had someone say that without showing my head my pictures are just porn…which I disagree…I have to admit it got to me because I share as much of me as I can both sexually and with my thoughts…the only reason why I don’t show my face is because of the negative stereotype that is well in place with being sexually open with your body and thoughts…these messages renewed me in knowing my blog is about the art of the human body…the art of sexuality…it is about believing in yourself no matter what people say…following after your passions…feeling what is right in your heart and sticking to the causes you are invested in…lol…ok…this rambling is coming to an end…I just want to say thank you to all those who write me with messages like the one I received today…it is why I am still here…porn is something just to stimulate the sexual mind…my blog is a life application in both things sexual and non-sexual…I focus on the sexual because I think there needs to be more positive with sex and the body…lol…Ok…I am done…Thank you Thank you Thank you…much love for my tumblr family…:)OX


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