Shoko Goto Reminds me of My Best of Times

I have a Japanese-American friend-with-benefits, stacked with Double-D and an almost entirely naturally hairless crotch – she is a creature of wonder! A few years back we used to meet up once a week or so but a few moves later and work travels and now I only see her two or three times a year. When we meet up we get one quick fuck out of the way – no point in waiting for the obvious! She’s one of the few I’ve managed to triple-cum with, multiple fuck-sessions. And she knows it, so she fiends for it. So one time she told me, “I want you to cum on my face.” I put her on her back, spread her legs and held them out with my arms, and proceeded to fuck her to an orgasmic puddle. I built up a floodwall of cum in the meantime. I pounded hard, slowed down, pulled out and then mounted her face – my cock was throbbing to the point where I knew what was about to happen, with just one stroke of my prick I unleashed a giant squirter on her pretty Asian mug. The whole time I was coming she procured a gargantuan smile, and giggled as I unleashed my man-stream on her. She just giggled 😉 When I was done I nearly collapsed into bed I exhausted so much energy and then she proceeded to the bathroom to inspect the damage I did. Ever since then I only finish on her face – and yeah she’s scheduled to pay a trip to town in December 😉



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