“Sun Dreams” peek-a-boob

I cannot even begin to elaborate on my fondness for Sun Dreams and her ginormous assets – also her smile, her outfits, her outgoing personality. But yeah, those tits!! You either know ’em or you don’t. And if you don’t know ’em you’re about to find out in a way few have reported actually seeing 😉

Kudos to whoever took the initiative to peek-a-boob this picture of Sun Dreams, probably in front of the mirror, snapping a quick shot before heading out to the clubs to tease cocks like mine. She almost never even takes a perky nipple shot, so this pic is special. And yeah, the color adjustment shows a lot more than she intended – what I wouldn’t give to give those tits a workout…with my mouth!

Here’s the original picture:

and the adjusted tittyshot: