Skinny Ariel of DDF Busty

Skinny Ariel of DDF BustyNow that’s what I appreciate, people who think with me! Vistor F. reacted on what I wrote in the post of Milla yesterday and suggested me to have a look at Ariel of DDF Busty. She’s more tall than petite but has in common with Milla that her breasts are remarkble when you consider how skinny she is. A rare model too, as this sexy blonde only did 2 shoots for DDF in May 2009.  

Vallory plays pool

Vallory plays poolThere were times that busty models played pool (in their own special way) regulary. Don’t ask me me why but it’s a rare activity these days. But Valllory brings this back in the spotlight and immediately enters the top 3 (in no ranking order) of best pool table shoots. The other two being the ones with Venera and Jana Defi so Val is really good company 😛 Vallory plays pool at Cosmid. 

Busty picnics special

Busty picnics specialInspired by the gallery of Antonella a few days ago I decided to make a special a busty picnics. To be honest picnics aren’t on top of my favourite activities, ant always seem attracted by it and so are the annoying wasps. But you know me, I am happy to make an exception if any of the models below would invite me, the promise of bare big boobs makes me flexible 🙂 

Micky Bells cleavage

Micky Bells cleavageThe pregnant Micky Bells walks towards us on the street and it’s impossible to look her in the eye. Cause every man (and woman for that matter) will look straight to her amazing cleavage. In the privacy of her apartment Micky shows us much more, impressive that’s the only right word… Gallery.  

A sensual cam cougar from the US: Tina Chadford. 

Jo Paul pretty in pink

Jo Paul pretty in pinkOur British friend Jo Paul returns at Pinup Files being in a pink mood. What brings me in a very different mood is the close look at her big breasts (well known for their incredible firmness) once the pink shirt and bra are gone 😛 Jo Paul pretty in pink (and without). 

Busty boss Daria Glower invites you into her office for a private meeting (well sort of).  

Alyssa in motion

Alyssa in motionOn Monday we met Alyssa for the first time and I bet you’re curious to see how she looks in motion. Just as good or even better is the answer. In this clip you can see her play with herself and oil up  and jiggle those wonderful firm big breasts.

Stella Cox is being her usual naughty self in these clips of Wank It Now, 01 02 03. 

A picnic with Antonella

A picnic with AntonellaAntonella Kahllo:”Growing up in Ecuador, being out in nature was just a part of my everyday life and I can get pretty anxious if I’ve been working too long inside without a nature recharge. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love getting all glammed up and going out to have a nice dinner in the city too, but take me to a beautiful, secluded spot, pack a delicious basket and some vino, and you might end up with a very excited, sensual, amorous Latina on your hands!”