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Thank You VixenVirago For The Best Halloween Of My Life!

seriously, I’m coming from the part of the world where there is no Halloween tradition so enjoying sexy babes in costumes and doing cosplay online was always my favorite part of it… and it’s always been fucking great!.. so, considering everything, I didn’t expect 2020 to beat all the previous years, and that’s when it happened.. I was enjoying the variety of playful big titty company over @, when I noticed VixenVirago logged to her webcam.. now, if you know anything about this babe you might know that a) she’s fucking hot, and b) she’s not online that often.. so, I hopped into her show and I’m still fucking buzzing:

see what I mean?!.. this babe is perfect head to toe and is 100% aware of it… she was spilling, oiling up, and bouncing those perfect massive round naturals (yes, those mega cannons are 100% natural), she was showing and slapping her round butt, she was spreading her legs and showing her body from most incredible angles, and pretty sure she pulled one of her dildos by the end of it but I missed that part cause it was crazy hours here where I live.. the moral of the story is – never EVER miss a chance to watch VixenVirago LIVE on webcam if you spot her online @… and with that said, don’t even peek into her live show without having tissues handy cause she will make you bust a nut before you can say “nut”!

BooB ON!!!


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