I recently stumbled upon Flaming Goddess, a super-duper cute cosplayer with two big assets up top and a penchant for showing ’em off in her costumes (if you got it, flaunt it!). Her costumes are sometimes really simple, but also really witty – smart, self-aware, and very successful. She’s also a genuine artist, judging by this interview she once gave – I love reading the thoughts direct from models who otherwise we only see, visually. I really appreciate hearing (reading) their thoughts.

This was the costume that tipped me off to her. Obv I was all like “whoah slim-n-stacked I gotta know more!” and had no idea it would introduce me to her otherwise brilliant costumery and character appearances. This, her ‘Nami (Time Skip)‘ costume, is one of her favorite crowd-pleasers (I have two ideas why!):

Here are some various other looks she’s taken up over the years:

And one of her more recent looks – she’s gotten bigger in all the departments 😉

It’s not just her costumes. It’s her. She’s soooooo cute, very gorgeous, an artist and singer, an actress, and on the rise in my book – really looking forward to seeing more of her work:

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